Why you should go with a pool net:

Pool Guard Pool Nets are certified and tested by a nationally recognized safety product testing company. Every pool is a potential danger for babies and young children; Pool Safety should be priority one for all families with a swimming pool. Pool safety nets provide a safe barrier to protect babies and young children while preserving your view.

Pool Net Covers that are Easy to Install

Pool Guard Safety Nets designed their pool nets to allow easy removal and re-installation of the pool net over the pool, with a series of pulleys and ratchets that allow the average person to remove and re-install the net over the pool. Pool Guard Safety Nets also provides a net roller so a user can roll the net up and store it easily in a safe place when not in use. Call us today to get your custom pool safety net estimate.

Key Mounts: Recessed, Flush Mount Pool Net anchors gives you both strength and style.

PVC Roller: For easy storage of your pool safety nets.